The Board of Trustees is pleased to offer a home to retired residents of Malden and the surrounding communities, both married and single. Malden residents will have a preference.

We invite you and your family members to visit the Home, and meet with the Administrator who will be pleased to answer your questions about life as a “Guest of Miss Alice”.

Eligible applicants are requested to complete an application, which details pertinent social, medical and financial facts. Letters of reference, tax forms, medical history and various other forms must be completed. We request that each applicant name a ‘Sponsor’, who could act for the resident if needed. the Administrator will be pleased to detail and initiate the application process for qualified applicants.


The home welcomes men and women in good mental and physical health who are capable of independent living and have reached the age of 65 years. Applicants are responsible for their own medical bills and medications, and are requested to maintain supplemental health insurance. Telephones, cable television service beyond the basic tier and automobile expenses are the responsibility of the residents. the Administrator will be happy to discuss fees for living at the Home.

Applicants are reminded that there may be quite a waiting period before a room becomes available.

You may reach the Administrator to schedule a tour of the Home:
781-324-0150 Telephone or contact us.