"It is my will that the Home shall...be maintained and operated upon the very highest standard of equipment, furnishings and service...that it shall never become institutional in character and that quality shall always be preferred to quantity."

~ Miss Alice M. Davenport
August 1943
The Davenport Memorial Home opened in 1946 as a bequest of Miss Alice M. Davenport to honor of her parents, A.H. and Ella Davenport. Mr. Davenport built the beautiful Colonial Revival mansion in 1892 to celebrate the success of his world famous interior design and furniture business. He was a contemporary of President Theodore Roosevelt, and redecorated many of the White House rooms, providing the state dining table, among other pieces.
Mr. Albert Henry Davenport
The Home features a splendid oak hall where Guests of Miss Alice gather before sharing meals in the mahogany paneled dining room. The first floor of the home contains several elegantly furnished common rooms, and a large fireplace, which welcome Guests and visitors alike.
Mrs. Ella Louise (Stetson) Davenport

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